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National Office for Heroes’ Memory Opens Its Gates

Țepeș Castle in Carol I Park will host the new headquarters of the National Office for Heroes’ Memory. The location will be open, from 10.30 to 14.00 on Saturday, 8 June, to visitors eager to find more about the last years’ projects of the institution in its field of activity, the memory of the heroes’ memory.

In the opening of the event, an urn-laying ceremony will take place at the Memorial of the National Heroes from 10.00, of four urns filled with soil from the areas where the Romanian military suffered heavy losses during WW2, namely Țiganca (Republic of Moldova), Sevastopol, Odessa (Ukraine) and Stalingrad (today called Volgograd, in the Russian Federation).

Also, the hosts organized for their visitors of the visitors exhibitions of history books and objects that pertained to Romanian troops fallen while defending their homeland.

The event will also be attended by Association "Tradiția Militară", whose members will march in uniforms of WW2 and will carry out drills with weapons according to regulations of that time.

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