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Cyber Defence - Field in Which European Cooperation Is a Must

This is the statement of the Romanian Minister of National Defence, Mircea Duša, during the talks of Monday, 18 November, at the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council in defence ministers format taking place in Brussels. The Romanian defence minister pointed out that joint effort of European countries would bring added value to national efforts.

One of the topics approached on the first day of the meeting was the development of military capabilities. "It is important to raise the awareness of European public concerning the need to develop military capabilities with a view to increasing the EU strategic autonomy in managing crisis situations. Indeed, security and defence make a difference", highlighted minister Mircea Duša, with the hope that this is something that would bring adequate support from EU member states.

In this context, Romania will endorse propositions meant to promote a convergence of planning in member states by increasing transparency of national planning processes.

Strengthening defence industry was another major topic on the reunion agenda. Romania would commit to reach some goals at strategic level where military capabilities are concerned, as a result of the development of the European defence industry. Minister Mircea Duša, considers the European Summit of December will be a strategic landmark in revitalizing the defence industry.

"We fully endorse the goal of creating a competitive European technological and industrial base, that would offer European Union the necessary autonomy and military capabilities, the defence minister continued.


The agenda of Tuesday, 19 November will include the meeting of the Steering Committee of EDA in defence ministers format. They will discuss there topics related to the process of developing military capabilities at European level and the preparations for the European Council of December.

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