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Lieutenant Colonel Sorin Bacila PR officer of the Romanian contingent in Iraq transmitted:

A hallow religious ceremony at the military chapel “Sfintii Apostoli Petru si Pavel” (Holy Apostles Peter and Paul) built by the military from the 26th Infantry Battalion “Red Scorpions”was organized for Friday, July 30, 04 in White Horse Camp in Iraq.

His Eminence Teofan Metropolitan of Oltenia and the military priests of the 26th Infantry Battalion Nicu Lula and Ioan Carpinisan celebrated the Divine Liturgy.

The chaplain of the Italian Regiment “Serenissima” Captain Don Ricardo also participated to this ceremony.

The event was a special moment for the militaries of the two units because from now on they will participate to the Divine Liturgy officiated by the military priests here, in the theater of operation.

The wooden dismounting construction was projected and made in the Romanian churches tradition defined by warm and community of the souls.

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