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The returning ceremony for the Engineering Detachment IRAK II and ANA TRAINING Detachment will be organized Tuesday, August 31, 04 starting 12.00 hours at the 96th Engineering Battalion Command.

The 149 militaries from the IRAK II Detachment participated between February and August 2004 to the Phase IV of Iraq stabilization and reconstruction. During their six months mission the Romanian engineering Detachments performed more then 180 missions of construction and repair of roads and bridges ensuring the connection between different Iraqi localities, arrangements of helicopters platforms and engineering missions for the use of the civil population.

ANA TRAINING II Detachment participated to the process of construction and operationalization of the New National Afghani Armed Forces. The 22 Romanian trainers’ activity consisted in elaboration of the organizatorical plans, the programs of endowment and training, the management of donations, enlisting and training of forces, inspection and repair of the military equipment.

As a recognition for their contribution and for the results gained during their missions in February 2004 four officers and five NCOs have been decorated by the US Army with the Army Commendation Medal and CJTF Phoenix (Kabul) handled the certificates of appreciation to all the Romanian trainers. In June 2004 the commander of the Detachment and three chief trainers received NATO Medal for Afghanistan.

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