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Lieutenant Colonel Sorin Bacila, PR officer of the Romanian contingent in Iraq transmitted:

Tuesday, August 31, 04 “ Eagles of Carpathians” the 812th Infantry Battalion in mission within “Antica Babilonia” were visited in White Horse Camp by Brigade General Corrode Dalzini, commander of the Italian Brigade “Pozzuolo del Friuli” ending his mission in the theater of operations in Iraq after the period of a months and a half when the Romanians were his subordinates, too. During the meeting with Lieutenant Colonel Dorin Blaiu, commander of the 812th Infantry Battalion the talks were focused on their cooperation during the common missions and the activities developed for the benefit of the Iraqi population and the increase of security and stability in the region.

General Dalzini appreciated “ever since our coming in the theater of operations in Iraq, the 812th Infantry Battalion implied in combat missions few of them being of a special importance for us. All these have been prepared and developed in very good conditions and the Romanian militaries proved to be serious in everything they did.” For the Romanian militaries from Bistrita he transmitted: “you do have five months more of activity in the theater of operations and I consider you are able for a maximum effort and the fulfillment of the missions. Maybe we shall meet in Romania at Bistrita because I’ve heard very interesting things about Transilvania”.

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