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Saturday, September 18, 04 a delegation of representatives of the Ministry of National Defence leadership will have a working visit in the theaters of operations in the former Yugoslavian space where the Romanian militaries are dislocated in.

The delegation will have talks in Pristina with KFOR commander and in Sarajevo with SFOR commander. Also there will be meetings with the Romanian militaries in mission at KFOR Command, with the militaries from the Company of the 341st Infantry Battalion dislocated in Gorajdevac, Kosovo and with those acting in Camp Butmir near Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Romania within SFOR is represented by 113 militaries thus 68 in “Bosnia” National Detachment, 34 in “Olanda” Detachment, 11 staff officers and NCOs. Within KFOR our country has 119 militaries thus 86 are dislocated in Gorajdevac and 33 officers and NCOs are working at the Command of the mission.

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