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Ioan Mircea Pascu, minister of National Defence, General Mihail Popescu, chief of General Staff, leading staff from operations, logistic and communications structures pay a working visit between September 21 and 24, 04 in the theaters of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is the continuation of the visit paid in September 18, 04 to the Romanian militaries acting in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Representing the Romanian Government, Ioan Talpes, State Minister for coordination of activities in national defence, European integration and justice join the military delegation.

Tuesday, September 21, 04 the Romanian officials visited Charlie and Alpha camps, near Al Hilallah where the Engineering Detachment (149 militaries) and the Special Detachment (56 militaries) are acting and met Major General Andrzej Ekiert, commander of the Center-South Multinational Division. The Romanian troops are acting in the area under his command.

During the meeting General Ekiert informed the minister of National Defence on the coalition forces intention to re-dislocate the militaries acting in this region. Together with General Popescu they decided to send to Al Hillah two officers from the Romanian General Staff in order to prepare together with the responsible factors of the Multinational Division the re-dislocation of the Romanian militaries operationally and tactically. Minister of National Defence and General Popescu met the personnel from the two detachments and discussed about the professional and personal problems the militaries have.

Tuesday, September 21, 04 the delegation visited the Romanian militaries dislocated in Nassiryah in White Horse camp (812th Infantry Battalion – 405 militaries) and Mittica camp (Military Police Company – 100 militaries).
In Mittica camp General Enzo Stefanini commander of the Italian Joint Force had a briefing. Mister Ioan Mircea Pascu also had talks with Major General Bill Rollo, commander of the South-East Multinational Division on the integration of the Romanian forces in the Division’s operations. Minister of the National Defence met the personnel of the 812th Infantry Battalion and the MP Company. During a military ceremony, in the name of the President of Romania Mr. Pascu decorated the Fighting Flag of the 812th Infantry Battalion with “For Merit” National Order in Knight Rank with signs of war. The distinction was awarded according to the Presidential Decree No. 700 from September 15, 2004 for special merit in specific training and for the successful participation in different international military cooperation operations and combat actions within the international missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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