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Captain Cristian Dan, PR officer of “Hawks of Carpathians” the 812th Infantry Battalion transmitted at the celebration of one hundred days in the operations in Iraq:
At one hundred days, this week, since the Romanian “Hawks of Carpathians” are participating to Antica Babilonia mission in the theater of operations in Iraq. The militaries from the 812th Infantry Battalion performed 192 hours of patrol missions, 200 missions of escort and more then 242 logistic missions. The combat vehicles run in the area of responsibility more then 152,00 kms. That is about four times around of the Earth at Equator, meaning about 1,500 km/day.

The “Hawks” entered the fire in August 5,04 when they had to answer with fire according to their mandate to the attacks performed by the insurgents. Till the end of August, the Battalion was engaged five times in combat, without any material losses.

In October, about 200 Romanian militaries together with 500 militaries from the 70 Brigade of the Iraqi National Guard and 600 Italian militaries participated to the greatest action developed in the last period of time in the South of Iraq, in the area of responsibility of the Romanian militaries within “Strong Hammer” operation. The main aim of the operation was the monitorization of the action manner of the Iraqi National Guard within a minute search mission in the region based on the information that there were insurgent forces and members of the criminal cells.

CIMIC operations have been performed especially for identification of the sectors in the area of responsibility in desperate need of improving the infrastructure. Thus, from the existing founds at the Coalition disposal they ended two projects of infrastructure in $ 99,050 representing the water system in Al Hammer. Now, the renovation of the school in Al Rumayedh ($ 59,032) and other four projects of $ 225,015 are approved to be performed. The population in the Battalion area of operations received humanitarian help as food, materials for pupils, sanitary materials in worth of EURO 10,000. In the same time they performed missions for establishing the state of health and the epidemiological level of the population in the area of responsibility, with medical care in emergencies and they performed an evaluation of possibilities and capacities of the local medical system for establishing real contacts with the ONGs acting in the area of operations of the Battalion.

At 100 days of presence in the theater of operations the Romanian militaries are well received in Iraq and establish due to their behavior and the way they performed the missions the relations with the local population based on trust and respect. The health and the state of mind of the Romanian militaries are good. The militaries from the 812th Infantry Battalion are performing in a responsive manner their missions and they are determined to contribute to the normal security, stability and reconstruction of Iraq.

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