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Lieutenant Colonel Sorin Bacila, PR officer of the Romanian contingent in Iraq transmitted:
Saturday, October 30, 04 the Romanian militaries from “Hawks of Carpathians” the 812th Infantry Battalion were visited by a delegation headed by Brigade General Giovani Battista Borrini, commander of “Garibaldi” Italian Brigade. The Romanian Battalion will be subordinated to him since December. General Borrini participated to the first mission “Antica Babilonia” in Iraq as the deputy commander of “Garibaldi” Brigade.

The scope of the visit was the documentation on the situation in the area of the Romanian responsibility, the capacity of the Romanian component from the Italian Joint Multinational Force and the understanding of the problems the Romanian militaries are confronting with during their missions.

General Borrini stated that he knows from his own experience that the area of responsibility of the Romanian Battalion is very difficult. “We established that the way of operation and the mentality are common. All that I saw and found here is according to my expectations. The Romanian component has a special level of operation and discipline. All these are based on a serious professionalism and a good training of troops” General also declared.

At his turn, Lieutenant Colonel Dorin Blaiu, commander of the 812th Infantry Battalion presented the experience gained by the Romanian militaries in international missions in Angola, Kosovo and Afghanistan and the very good cooperation with the Italians. Due to the very good cooperation between the Romanian and the Italian militaries all the missions are successful. “We are waiting to you to work together and we assure you with our loyalty in the common cause, stability and reconstruction of Iraq” also said Lieutenant Colonel Dorin Blaiu.

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