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Regarding the accusations addressed by the central media General Dr. Eugen Badalan, chief of the Romanian General Staff makes the following precisations:
The accusations of a “bloody reprobation of the revolution in Arad” – almost identically published by few central daily newspapers – are not real. They are excessively based on declarations that probably they couldn’t be proved if they would have been made in the justice and not taken into account. In all these years numberless of lawsuits on the role of the Armed Forces during the Revolution from 1989 have been open and in run and I was never called as a witness. Even more, based on the sever condemnations declared in these occasions, I am sure that if I was anyway implied in I would have been judged and condemned.

Even the titles are mentioning the my so-called “intentions” for this evoked situation. But the processes of intention, not acceptable as a principle, do rather incriminate those that are initiating them then the incriminated ones.
I will not be intimidated by this disparaging campaign, probably at the beginning, and I will continue my activity for fulfilling the most important mission granted by the Supreme Council of Defense of the Country.

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