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The 812th Infantry Battalion “Hawks of Carpathians” in mission in Iraq developed between November 2 and 6, 04 the specific re-dislocation activities from White Horse Camp to Mittica Camp at 7kms South of An-Nassiriya in the same time with the missions granted according to their mandate. White Horse Camp was the camp the Romanians used ever since their first mission in the South of Iraq.

The Romanian Battalion is dislocated in Mittica Camp with the other units forming the Italian Brigade “Friuli” to which it is subordinated to and the 100 Romanians from the Military Police Company.

The new location is endowed with new equipment and materials made in Romania and is offering the adequate conditions for the Romanian militaries and their increased security. Due to this re-dislocation the Romanian Battalion can engaged much more forces for patrol, escort and escort of convoys, security of high tension lines and oil pipes, all these representing the missions they have to perform in their area of responsibility in Dhi Qar region.

The Romanian Military Police are performing their missions with the same responsibility supporting the Iraqi local police for maintaining the security in the South of Iraq.

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