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Thursday, November 25, 04 at 09.00 hours at “Stefan cel Mare” Military College in Campulung Moldovenesc there will be organized the activities occasioned by the 80th anniversary of existence. The leadership of the Ministry of National Defence will be represented by Ioan Mircea Pascu, minister of National Defence and General Dr. Eugen Badalan, chief of Romanian General Staff.

This occasion, minister Pascu will decorate in the name of the President of Romania the combat flag of the College with “Vitutea militara” (Military Virtue) in Rank of Knight with military signs. At the statue of Stefan cel Mare si Sfant the spiritual patron of this institution there will be the ceremony of lay of wreaths.


“Stefan cel Mare” Military Lyceum was established in November 25, 1924 according to the High Royal Decree No. 3889 signed by King Ferdinand and initially functioned in Cernauti. Between June and October 1940 it was moved in Radauti, Falticeni, Campulung Muscel. In December 15, 1941 the Lyceum returned in Cernauti, in Bucovina till January 1944 when it was evacuated in Timisoara. Between July 1945 and September 1953 the Lyceum was abolished and in September 1, 1953 was established and transferred in Iasi and at the beginning of the educational year 1956-57 it was moved to Campulung Moldovenesc.

“Stefan cel Mare” Military College ensured the scientific and multilateral education for more then 10,000 students along the 65 years of graduates. Among the graduates with military career 130 became generals and 14 have been decorated with “Mihai Viteazu” Order. Other graduates had important achievements in science, culture and policy.

The Lyceum became along the years a prestigious presence to different Olympiads and competitions for students. 172 students participated between 1961 and 2004 to national stages of Olympiads and gained 47 awards and 3 students had mentions at the International Chemistry Olympiad. In 2003-04 the general mark in the College was 8,43 with 18.5% students with marks above 9.00 with a percent of promotion of 95.34%.

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