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Captain Eugen Ispas, PR officer of “Bolden Eagles” 281st Infantry Battalion dislocated in Kandahar, Afghanistan transmitted:

The last transport of staff and materials from Afghanistan, this week by a C130 Hercules the Romanian militaries shipped in Romania presents for two children from Voloscani village, Vrancea county.

The militaries found out the sad story of the two children of four and six years. Their mother died in an accident in Italy, but the children were waiting for toys and sweets send by their mother from Italy.

Deeply impressed by this story, the militaries from the 281st Infantry Battalion decided to send presents “from their mother”. Captain Ionel Vranceanu started to bring to reality this projected at the Priest’s request. They made few packets with toys, sweets, clothes and others and an amount of money for a TV set.

The joy the children had opening the presents warmed the souls of the Romanian fighters from Afghanistan and proved the Christian love and the sensibility of the Romanians.

One of the militaries explained why they had such an attitude: “Every mission we tried to help as we could as many as possible Afghani children we met; and now, we wanted to bring joy into the Romanian children’s souls. Our souls always are at home, at more then 3,600 kilometers far away”.

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