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A ceremony will be organized Friday, December 10, 04 at 11.00 hours in the Military Harbor Constanta occasioned by the return of “King Ferdinand” military ship one of the two 22 type frigates purchased in 2003 based on the agreement between the Government of Romania and Government of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Representatives of the Ministry of National Defence, central and local administration, Romanian Orthodox Church and NGOs are invited to participate to this festivity.

The frigate was officially baptized “King Ferdinand” and entered in Romanian Navy’s service in September 9, 04 in the presence of President of Romania, Mr. Ion Iliescu, important Romanian and British political and military personalities during a military and religious ceremony organized at Victory berth in Portsmouth.

Before entering the Romanian service this ship was modernized and the crew was trained according to NATO standards.

The march to the country was the first long time mission for the ship and the 203 crew (16 officers, 76NCOs and 110 military on contract base hired) subordinated to Commander Sorin Learschi.

On board of the ship at 12.30 hours a press conference and a visit of the frigate will be organized.

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