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Captain Eugen Ispas, PR officer of the 281st Infantry Battalion dislocated in Afghanistan transmitted the followings:

Saturday, December 11, 04 the first ten militaries returned home ending their six months mission in the theater of operations. The evening before going to Romania, deputy commander of “BRONCO” 3rd Infantry Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Browder handed to the Romanians the Brigade medal as sign of recognition of their action within the “Enduring Freedom” operation.

During the ceremony organized at the Brigade headquarters with the entire staff, Lieutenant Colonel Browder declared: “ It was an honor and a privilege to have you under our subordination. On the “BRONCO” 3rd Brigade medal also exists the flag of Romania because your country is member of the coalition.”

Captain Marius Cojoc thanked in everybody’s name for the recognition of their professionalism in fulfilling their missions and said they only have done their job for the materialization of the engagement Romania took in countering the terrorism.

In the six months mission in the theater of operations in Afghanistan the Romanians successfully performed the entire range of the specific missions according to their mandate such as the Kandahar International Airport security, the logistic material transportation security, patrol and protection of the humanitarian assistance activities.
“Bolden Eagles” will be replaced by the 300 Infantry Battalion from Galati, Romania.

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