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The ceremony of transfer of authority of the Romanian Air Force detachment participating to the EU ALTHEA mission to the MNTF/NW was organized Friday, January 7, 05 in Banja Luka, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

MNTF/NW deputy commander, the Dutch Colonel Vollaard Kees received the detachment operational command from the representative of the Romanian Armed Forces, the detachment consisting in four IAR 330 SOCAT helicopters and their crews.

The Romanian Armed Forces is participating to ALTHEA mission with the forces engaged in SFOR mission (109 militaries) and the four helicopters for the missions of equipment and personnel transport, air reconnaissance, search and rescue and medical evacuation.

The most important operation of this type developed by the European Union ALTHEA succeeds to the NATO led SFOR mission successfully ended in December 2004.

Romania is continuing the efforts for the reconstruction of security and stability in the Balkans and supports the European Union implication in this region. This is part of the Romanian larger participation to the European Security and Defence Policy due to the double states, a EU candidate and a NATO member.

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