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Captain Cristian Dan PR officer of the 812th Infantry Battalion in Iraq transmitted the following:

A ceremony marking the return home after a six months participation to Antica Babilonia Operation of the first detachment of the Romanian soldiers made of 61 people from the 812th Infantry Battalion “Falcons of Carpatians” was developed Wednesday, January 26, 05 in Mittica Camp (An Nasiriyah).
During this period of time the Romanians performed 466 patrol missions with 131 fixed and mobile check points, 302 escort missions and 177 logistic missions.

The combat vehicles and the tracks run over then 380,000 kilometers in the respective area of responsibility, that representing the distance from the Earth to the Moon and the armored vehicles run more then 260,000 kilometers. The Battalion forces performed 52 aerial and ground reconnaissance missions ( the helicopters being set at disposal by the Italian Brigade), 35 escort missions of the convoys with the stuff for the local community and they also organized two training courses for the Iraqi National Guard forces.

The Romanian unit received the “baptize of the fire” on August 5, 2004 when they had to answer according to their mandate to the insurgent groups’ attacks. Eight times, the Battalion forces were engaged in such kind of actions without any loss or material damages.

During the six months the Romanians acted, they also secured the White Camp and the Mittica Camp and participated to five big operations under the command of the Italian Joint Multinational Force.

The civil/military cooperation operations (CIMIC) aimed the identification of the areas within their area of responsibility needing the urgent improvement of infrastructure. Thus, from the funds existing at the multinational force disposal they ended or are running the projects in total amount of USD 15000000.

Till the complete return to the country of the entire personnel, the Romanians that remained in Iraq are continuing to fulfill their missions together with their colleagues from the 2nd Infantry Battalion “Calugareni”. The units’health and the morale are good.

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