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Tuesday, February 15, the national awards of the “Romanian Military Thinking” review were handed in a ceremony held at the MoD Hq.

Defence Minister Teodor Atanasiu handed over the Diploma of Excellency to General (res) Professor Dr. Vasile Candea. General Dr. Eugen Badalan, Chief of the General Staff, distributed the five awards granted by the review, as follows:

- the “Division General Stefan Falcoianu” Award to: Brigade General Dr. Viorel Buta, Lieutenant Colonel. Dr. Eng. Gelu Alexandrescu and Major Dr. Daniel Dumitru for “ Dynamic Elements of the Modern Battlefield. The Combat Power”
- the Brigade General Constantin Harjeu” Award to: Colonel Dr. Marian Macri, Colonel (Res) Dr. Constantin Raduica, Dr. Adriana Hristea, Dr. Mirela Anghel and Dr. Ionel Hutanu for “Handbook of Travel and Survival Medicine Under Extreme Conditions. Medical and Aeronautical Implications”
- the”Marshal Alexandru Averescu’ Award to:Dr. Alexandru-Radu Timofte for “The Origins, the Raise, the Fall and the Revival of the Secret Informational World”
- the “Army Corps General Ion Sichitiu” Award to: Brigade General Gheorghe Vaduva and General Dr. Mircea Muresan for “The War of the Future. The Future of the War”
- the “Lieutenant Colonel Mircea Tomescu” Award to: Colonel Dr. Virgil Balaceanu for “Infantry Combat Power – Trends and Developments”.

Minister Atanasiu congratulated all the authors, whether they had won or not an award in the ceremony.

In his turn, General Badalan appreciated the fact that the authors, besides accomplishing their professional and social duties, had dedicated their time to writing books. He added that, in order to turn to a new military culture, ideas related to the present military phenomenon should find their way to become known.

The volume “The Way of Change” by General Dr. Eugen Badalan, in Romanian and English version, was also launched during the ceremony. The book, edited by the Military Publishing House, is the first in the Romanian Military Thinking Collection.

The “Romanian Military Thinking” review was first issued on February 15, 1864, as “Military Romania”. By Royal Decree, on January 1, 1898, it became the official review of the General Headquarters. Along the years, the review published significant theoretical contributions by Romanian military leaders and was one of the most important theoretical means in the development of the national military body. Currently, the review is strongly committed to the process of change that the Romanian military institution faces. In its pages, one can find theories, ideas and concepts that define the new national military institution.

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