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Armament and ammunition depot discovered in Afghanistan by the Romanian units

Lieutenant Colonel Virgil Petri, commander of the ANA TRAINING III Detachment in mission in Afghanistan transmitted:
At the end of February, the Romanian forces participating in the training of the Afghani National Armed Forces ended in cooperation with the US forces a search and discover mission in Mushaky, Garap district and found a depot of ammunition and armament.

They confiscated two air defence machine guns, nine 7.62 mm machine guns, 17 AG 7 grenade launchers, 22 Bren guns, four pistols, anti-personnel and anti tank mines, infantry ammunition and rounds, two radio stations in good repair, an important amount of money and about two kilos of drugs.
All the material was transported to a US military camp near Kabul for inventory and distribution to the proper echelons.


ANA TRAINING III Detachment is located in Phoenix camp near Kabul for counseling the staff officers of an Afghani Infantry Battalion in combat training and in preparing and training the forces in search, tank and maintenance specialties. The Romanian forces organize and develop together with the coalition partners – Americans, English, French, Germans, New Zealanders, Canadians, Mongolians, Bulgarians – exchanges of experiences, firing with infantry armament, driving lessons for fighting vehicles and the T62 tank.

Acting according to the Coalition forces performance parameters the Romanian Detachment is in second place after the US forces in number and importance of the performed missions.

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