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President of Romania Visited the Romanian Soldiers in Afghanistan

President of Romania, Traian Basescu and chief of General Staff, General Dr. Eugen Badalan continued their visit in the theaters of operations and today were in Khandahar, Afghanistan together with the 300th Infantry Battalion “Sfantul Andrei”.

The Romanian officials met with Major General Jason K. Kamiya, the CJTF 76 new commander, Colonel Richard Pedersen, commander of the 3rd Brigade “Bronco” (USA) and the Governor of Kandahar Province, Gul Agha Sherzai where they talked about the contribution of the Romanian soldiers to the stability of the region.

The Battalion staff officers provided a briefing on their area of responsibility and the way the Romanians are fulfilling their missions. President Basescu talked with the soldiers about their problems and took photos with each of the subunits.

For their high professional competence, courage and sacrifice during the participation in the missions in Afghanistan, President Basescu decorated Lieutenant Lucian Catalin Cojocaru with the highest military distinction, “Virtutea Militara” Order in Rank of Knight with sign of war. The “Manhood and Loyalty” Medal with sign of war was given by Presidential Decree to NCO Marian Proti and Valentin Grigore Tudor. Each Romanian soldier received a gift from the President, a penknife inscribed with “Afghanistan 2005” and “Given by the President of Romania”. The Chief of General Staff gave the soldiers the badge of participation in the Afghanistan theater of operations.

President Traian Basescu and General Dr. Eugen Badalan visited the Romanian camp and had lunch with the Battalion soldiers.

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