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Holidays of Soldiers- abroad, with reciprocal opportunities

A delegation headed by the chief of the Administrative and Services Directorate, Brigade General Catalin Zisu participate as observer at the Congress of the Committee of Liaison of Military Social Structures (CLIMS) organized in Bulgaria between April 19 and 21, 05.

CLIMS focuses on the exchanges between the 11 states (Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Hungary) in organizing the holidays for military personnel in locations available by every armed forces, based on mutual benefit and reciprocal opportunities. The Committee represents a means to increase the inter-human relations and the promotion of cultural exchanges between NATO members.

As an observer, until this autumn when they will become member with the right to vote, the Romanian Armed Forces benefits from all the programs organized by CLIMS for holidays for soldiers and their families.

The Congress analyzes the offers and the number of places allocated to the Romanians for 2005 and the number of soldiers from the partner states that will spend their holiday in Romania in locations available by the Administrative and Services Directorate of the Ministry of National Defence.

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