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The Romanian soldiers completed the water pump project and filtration station in Iraq

A water pump and filtration station was inaugurated Monday, June 6, 05 in Al Fudliyah, Iraq for ensuring the water for about 7,000 people.

Captain Carol Florea, the PR officer of the 2nd Infantry Battalion “Calugareni” informed that this is the second objective of this type managed by the Romanian soldiers in this location in Iraq. The project cost $248,000, and used 80 Iraqi workers over a four month period. “In spite of all the difficulties and problems they had, the Romanian soldiers and the Iraqi population managed to bring to completion the most important facility in the area” said Captain George Duta, the officer in charge of civil/military activity. He suggested the project, made the documentation and daily overwatched the progress of the works.
Present at the inauguration, the chief of the Al Fudliyah local council, Hayder Faissal stated: “We thank the Multinational Force and the Romanian troops for this project bringing joy in more than 1000 homes in our city. We do hope to continue the cooperation with the soldiers of the Multinational Force in other projects of infrastructure, too, especially in construction of roads and water cleaning and filtration stations our community is in big need”.
The Romanian soldiers ended five projects of infrastructure, i.e. water purification station and filtration systems of canalization and a drinking water network for a few places in their area of responsibility. They also overwatch another six CIMIC projects.
The 2nd Infantry Battalion “Calugareni” will continue to develop the actions for supporting the civil population and at the same time they will fulfil the patrol missions on the communication lines, training the new Iraqi forces and the security of infrastructure (oil pipes, high tension lines) and the Camp Mittica base.

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