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The 25th modernized helicopter in the Romanian Air Force

On Thursday, June 9, 05 in Brasov, the Romanian Air Force will receive the last IAR 330 helicopter modernized with SOCAT system in the program between S.C. IAR Brasov and the Israeli firm ELBIT.

The modernization with SOCAT system transformed the IAR 330 helicopter (classic type) into a multifunctional helicopter able to perform the utility and fighting missions in medium difficult conditions and in any meteorological conditions.

The helicopters modernized within this program already have about 10000 hours of flight in the country and 500 in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in reconnaissance and surveillance missions, medical evacuation and transport of troops and personnel.

The SOCAT system is a modern system ensuring the capability for missions of search and rescue, and transport of troops from difficult places to access.
The main performances and operational capabilities of the IAR 3300 modernized with SOCAT system are:
- discover, identification and fighting against the enemy from great distance and precisely;
- accurate navigation on long distances, with flight at low altitude and areas with obstacles, following the terrain, day and night, in any weather conditions;
- HOCAS concept – use of armament without taking the hands from the flying commands, thus the pilot has the ability to pilot and command the system without seeing into the cabin;
- communication and transmission of data from tactical field to the ground station and to other airplanes in real time;
- the automation of planning of operations and the analysis of the execution of the flying mission, determining the reduction of time for preparing the missions and the increase of the riposte capacity;
- enhancement of survival capability on the battlefield.

Participation in exercises abroad:
- Cooperative Key 2001-Bulgaria;
- Cooperative Key 2002-France;
- Cooperative Key 2003-Bulgaria;
- TIAD 2001-Turkey;
- Strong Resolve 2002- Poland;
- Air Meet 2004-Turkey.

Participation in exercises in the country:
- Blue Road 2004- Turnu Severin;
- Blue Sky 2004-Otopeni;
- Celebrations of the National Day and the Day of the Air Force

Starting January 2005 a patrol of IAR 330 SOCAT helicopters fulfils the EUFOR missions within the Multinational Force in Bosnia-Herzegovina being the first formation of the Romanian Air Force fulfilling such a long mission (one year) abroad.

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