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State Secretary and Chief of Department of Euro-Atlantic Integration and Defence, Ion Mircea Plangu, participated between 9 and 10 of June in Brussels in the formal reunion of Defence ministers from NATO members.

The NATO ministerial is the first formal reunion after the Istanbul Summit that included meetings within the three important NATO committees of decisions and consulting : Nuclear Planning Group, Defence Planning Committee and North Atlantic Council.
Worth mentioning is the fact that the seven NATO members among them Romania, participated for the first time in the works of the Nuclear Planning Group. Within the NATO reunion were also the reunions of NATO –Russia Council, NATO-Ukraine Commission and Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council.

During this NATO reunion they made decisions on the Alliance’s process of transformation, development of the military capability and NATO operations.
Romania presented the increase of its military contribution in ISAF operation in Afghanistan in ensuring the security of elections for the parliament in autumn of 2005 and the increase of NATO operation on the entire territory of Afghanistan.

They also stressed the development of the Romanian participation in the NATO mission in Iraq by the starting of the courses for the Iraqi officers in the National Academy of Defence.

During the meetings with the partner states, Romania expressed their support in the military reform of these countries and strengthening of cooperation with the North Atlantic Alliance.

From the perspective of the Increased (Intensified) Dialogue NATO –Ukraine and the Romanian-Ukrainian bilateral military cooperation within the reunion of the NATO-Ukraine Commission, Romania expressed the availability to send to the Ukrainian part the elements of its own experience on the reform of the security sector.

At the headquarters of the Romanian Mission to NATO, State Secretary Ion Mircea Plangu had a working meeting with the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Moldova, Valeriu Ion Plesca. They talked about military cooperation within the Partnership for Peace and the bilateral plan.

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