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Romanian soldiers at the end of their mission in Afghanistan

Monday, July 11, at the Kandahar military base occurred the transfer of authority on the 151st Infantry Battalion “Black Wolfs” between the 2nd Joint Operational Command and the 173rd US Airborne Brigade “Bayonet”.

Brigade General James Champion, CJTF deputy commander, Brigade General Nicolae N. Roman, chief of staff of the 2nd Joint Operational Command and Colonel Kevin Owens, the 173rd Airborne Brigade participated in this ceremony. General Champion underlined the importance of the Romanian soldiers participation in Enduring Freedom operation in Afghanistan and expressed his hope the excellent cooperation between the Romanians and the Americans to be continued. General Roman affirmed once again the determination of the Romanian Armed Forces in fulfilling their missions together with their allies in fighting against terrorism.

The 173rd Airborne Brigade commander gave to the Romanian soldiers from the 300th Infantry Battalion “Sfantul Andrei” the certificates of appreciation for their activity.

Major Florin Paraschiv, PR officer of the 300th Infantry Battalion “Sfantul Andrei” transmitted that in the last six months the soldiers from Galati, Romania fulfilled more then 700 missions and covered more then 220,00 kilometers. They checked more then 8,200 trucks transporting water and food and more then 2,000 fuel trucks. This type of missions required a special care due to the risk of the explosives that could be set inside the loads. One of the permanent mission was to secure the base and the airport in Kandahar and the Territorial Reconstruction Center in Kandahar.

In the last part of the mission the Romanians together with the Americans and the soldiers of the Afghani National Armed Forces acted in important operations against anti coalition forces: Iron Demper, Diablo Spear, Diablo Reach and Diablo Reach Back.
Tuesday, July 12 at14.00 hours at the 90th Air Transport Base they will have the returning ceremony bringing home the combat flag of the 300th Infantry Battalion “Sfantul Andrei”.

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