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Romanian Armed Forces continue to support the people affected by floods

According to the National Defence Minister’s order the units of the Ministry of National Defence continue to support with forces and means required by local authorities in Bacau, Vrancea, Galati and Buzau counties.

Thus in Vulturu, Milcov, Biliesti, Suraia, Rastoaca, Vadu Rosca, Nanesti, Maicanesti, Ramniceni, Mircestii Vechi they transported and mounted 10 tents necessary for the Red Cross National Society from Romania for vaccination and distribution of medicines.

Detachments of soldiers are loading and unloading the aids in Bacau airport and Focsani customs. They are also helping in gathering the dead animals and in disinfecting of Vadu Rosca area, they are helping the victims in Nanesti in transporting their goods by trucks, they are transporting materials and food for the people of Maicanesti.

More then 60 soldiers from the 3rd Construction Battalion Buzau are re-building the military bridges in Maracineni for the as quickly as possible use.

The air bridge with the humanitarian reliefs for the Moldavian population is permanently working and yesterday they transported 33 tons of mineral water, four tons of oil, 800 breads, 950 kg of tinned food, 200 kg of sugar, 400 kg of flour and 100 kg of maize flour.

In Olt county they continue to supply with water the people in Potcoava, Milcovu and Schitu by the tank wagons from the 2nd Light Infantry Brigade.

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