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Teodor Atanasiu, Minister of National Defence received a letter of appreciation for “ the exceptional conditions ensured for the 26th Reunion on Information Security INFOSEC occurred in Bucharest between June 13 and 17” send by Marshall Bilingslea, NATO General Secretary deputy assistant.

NATO official’s message reveals the importance of the exchange of expertise and the progress obtained in solving all the problems of interconnection of the communication networks so that they could ensure the flux of transmission of information and their quality observing the norms of security.

The letter expresses the important role the Chief of Directorate of Communication from the General Staff, Major General Dumitru Cristea plaid in organizing the activity so that all the representatives of the 25 states of the North Atlantic Organization could participate in debates and present their opinions for “ the easy integration in information network, ensuring the rapidity and secure of actions in every and in all the structures”.

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