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Brigade General Ion Chiranescu is the new deputy commander of the 2nd Operational Joint Command “Maresal Alexandru Averescu” from Buzau. Brigade General Visarion Neagoe the deputy commander since 2003 was appointed chief of Training and Doctrine (and General Inspector of the Army) at the Army Staff. The appoints were made by order of the Minister of National Defence based on the Law 80/1995 on the status of the military personnel.

Brigade General Chiranescu, aged 50, fulfilled the command in different units of paratroopers and between 1999 and 2005 was the commander of the 2nd Paratroopers Brigade. He graduated the Military School of Infantry Officers in 1978, the Military Academy in 1987 and the post university courses.

Brigade General Neagoe coordinated the activities of the Romanian troops in the theaters of operations and the planning and the leading of the national and international exercises by the 2nd Operational Command.

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