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Romanian Navy Participating in NATO Operation

“Romania can ensure the three services’capabilities for the security and stabilization operations” stated the Minister of National Defence, Teodor Atanasiu. He announced that Romania will send a frigate in the Mediterranean Sea in order to participate to “Active Endeavour” NATO operation, this autumn, for two months.

For this mission the Romanian Navy designated “Regele Ferdinand” frigate. The ship, between October 15 and December 15, will patrol in the allotted maritime sectors, will oversee the maritime traffic and control the ships movement by escorting or surveying them. The frigate will also have the mission to identify the possible transports destined for terrorist actions.

“Active Endeavour” operation was launched in October 2001 not long after the terrorist attacks in the United States of America and is led by the Allied Maritime Command, Naples, Italy. Its main aim is to prevent the risks and to stop the possible terrorist actions.
“Regele Ferdinand” frigate was purchased from the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and since September 9, 2004 entered the Romanian Navy. It arrived in Constanta harbor in December 9, 2004. The crew consists of 203 sailors and Commander Sorin Learschi is its commander.

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