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During September 25 to 29, 2005, mine sweepers “Lt. Dimitrie NICOLESCU” and “Lt. Lupu DINESCU” will represent the Romanian Navy at the bilateral exercise LIVEX–05, organized by Bulgaria in the territorial waters at the Black Sea and Varna port.

The ships will conduct tactical maneuvers and live firings with the air defence weapons onboard and will exercise sweeping, communications, search and rescue at sea, refueling and material and data transfer. During stationing, the crews will take part in workshops and complex communications exercises.

The exercise aims at improving interoperability between naval forces as well as the relations between the fleets of the two states.

Each of the two sweepers has 69 troops onboard under the command of lieutenant commander Mihai Panait and lieutenant commander Emanuel Paraschiv. The ships have the following technical characteristics: length – 60.8 m, width – 9.5 m, draught – 3.18 m, displacement – 800 tdw, max. speed – 17 Nd.

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