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On Monday October 10, the 20th Infantry Battalion “The Black Scorpions” and the Military Police Company deployed in Camp Mittica, in the proximity of An Nassiryah, were visited by Mihai-Răzvan Ungureanu, the chief of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The commanders of the two military units, Lieutenant-Colonel Ioan Nicolae and Captain Constantin Broșteanu, described the situation in their area of operations, their missions in the Dhi Qar Province, and their cooperation with the Italian colleagues in Brigade “Ariete” and the troops of Carabineers. The Romanian delegation was given the opportunity to see the living conditions of the troops and the Romanian minister was pleased to see the Romanian chapel. During the visit he had the opportunity to talk to the soldiers.

Minister Ungureanu was interested by the way the Romanian troops are perceived by the local population in their area of responsibility. The commander of the Black Scorpions said that the infantry men in his command conducted several humanitarian projects and their seriousness and respect for the local traditions made them well liked by the Iraqi people.

”I leave this place thinking that doing your job well, thoroughly and without compromise means being a patriot, pure and simple”, said minister Ungureanu about the Romanian troops deployed in Iraq.

The Romanian ambassador to Baghdad, Mihai Stuparu, accompanied the delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs all along its visit.

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