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A military and religious ceremony and lay of wreaths will occur December 1st, the National Day of Romania, in Parcul Carol at 09.00 hours.

More then 700 soldiers ofrom all the Romanian Armed Forces services, the Ministry of Administration and Home Affairs and the Romanian Intelligence Service with their military equipment will parade under the Arch of Triumph in Bucharest, at 11.00 hours.

In Alba Iulia, in Piata Unirii starting 12.00 hours, a military parade will be organized with the participation of 500 military personnel from the Army, Navy and Air Force and the Ministry of Administration and Home Affairs.
Romanian Air Force airships will have low flight over the military parade in Bucharest and in Alba Iulia, too.

During the manifestation in Piata Unirii, starting 17.30 hours, the soldiers and military band of the 30th Guard and Protocol Regiment will be present and the Armed Forces Representative Band will tune the national hymn of Romania and a short concert. Different items from the National Military Museum will be showed in Piata Universitatii and an inform-recruitment center will be there during the entire day.

The national flag will be hoisted in all the military institutions and the river and maritime ships will dress all the flags. Military ceremonies, lays of wreaths in commemorative places and Union historical significance places will occur in regional centers and military garrisons in cooperation with local authorities.

Commanders of Romanian contingents in the theaters of operations will organize special activities dedicated to the National Day of Romania.

Details on parade blocks and photos of different military equipment are available on the MoND site,

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