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Navy Officers – Future Pilots on Romanian Frigates

The first Romanian Navy officers piloting the helicopters embarked on Romanian frigates will start Monday, December 5, a course for military helicopter pilots at the School of Air Applications “Aurel Vlaicu” in Boboc, Buzau County.

The eight pilots have been selected after the medical, physical and psychical tests.

The course will be developed on three training modules, for a yea, both in Boboc and air bases. The activity will end with the graduation exam and getting the military helicopter pilot brevet.

The first elements of aviation in the Romanian Navy dates since June 1920 when few marine officers were called to receive 12 hydroplanes, captures of the 1919 war. The hydroplanes were checked in the Aeronautic Arsenal in Cotroceni-Bucharest and sent by train in Constanta harbor, thus establishing the Maritime Aviation Group under Captain Constantin Negru’s command.

The first hydroplane flight was in July 21, 1920 in Constanta harbor and since then the Marine Aviation became a distinct force.

The Romanian Marine Aviation base is in Siutghiol Lake, in the Northern part of Constanta city, due to the fact that the activity is intense in Constanta harbor and there are no proper conditions for such an activity.

The Romanian Marine Aviation was endowed with S 55 hydroplanes and in about 15 years of exploitation there was no accident. In the Second World War the Romanian Marine Aviation had no loss in the confrontation with the enemy.


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