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IRAK V PM Company - at home

The ceremony occurred Friday, January 27 starting 11.00 hours at the 265th PM Battalion, Bucharest (Sos. Antiaeriana nr 6-8) will be for the IRAK V PM Company return from mission.

For six months the PM personnel led by Captain Constantin Brosteanu participated in mission of stabilization and reconstruction of Iraq under the MSU Italian Regiment operational control. Colonel Paulo Ortolani, commander of this unit appreciated few days ago: “ When I was appointed the MSU commander I was very proud having in my subordination a PM Company from Romania because the Romanians are real professional and brought honor to their country. The Company in my subordination became a symbol for the Romanian-Italian friendship.”

The Romanian soldiers fulfilled 400 missions of escort of convoys, guard of Mittica Camp, patrol for finding out the places the insurgents could launch attacks and missions of monitorization of the local police activity in An Nassiriyah and training of the Iraqi security forces.

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