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A CMX 06 crisis management exercise will be developed between March 1 and 7 in NATO commands and capitals of the Alliance members.

This type of exercise is annual organized under the patronage of the NATO General Secretary and aims the training of political and military decision capacity at the allied and national level and of the proceedings and mechanisms of crisis management for the increase of the Alliance’s capacity to answer to the challenges of the present security environment.

For participation in CMX 06, in Romania, at the General Staff they will establish a cell of National Structure of Response with two compounds simulating the activity of the Supreme Council of Defense of the Country, the body in charge with organization and unitary coordination of the process of management of security crisis, and the National Military Command Center, as the technical structure of operational leading at strategic level. Also, in all the institutions with responsibility in security crisis management they will organize the cells of response within the Operative Centers of Crisis as the command technical structures at operative level.

Members in these cells will be the representatives of the institutions with attributions in security crisis management: Presidency of Romania, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Administration and Interior, Ministry of Transport, Constructions and Tourism, Ministry of Health, Romanian Agency of Intelligence, Foreign Intelligence Service, Special Telecommunication Service, National Registry Office for Classified Information.

Romania’s participation in CMX 06 is the opportunity for practice, test and evaluate the capacity of interconnection and relationship with NATO structures for an unitary and opportune response to the states of crisis. They will experience new concepts, structures and proceedings representing the object of legislative proposals in national security domain.

CMX 06 scenario is suppositional and intends the gradual increase of asymmetric threats to the members of the Alliance generated from inside the Euro-Atlantic region. These comprise terrorist acts and potential aggressive actions including the nuclear, bacteriologic and chemical threats towards the population, territories and NATO forces. According to the decisions taken during the exercise, the scenario can also include the operational preliminary planning of a possible activation and use of NATO Force of Response. During the exercise there will be no troops in terrain.

UN, EU and OSCE representatives will be invited as observers within the structures from NATO General HQ participating in this exercise. The states from the Partnership for Peace will be informed about this exercise.

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