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Relieves for the Iraqi local communities

The 280th Infantry Battalion distributed February 28, 2006 in two localities in their area of responsibility the relieves of about 500 pieces of furniture for school – chairs and desks – and 250 satchels with the writing materials necessary for a term.

The offer of relieves is part of the International Coalition program of improvement of the Iraqi educational system and strengthening of relations with the local community in Dhi Qar province. This is the second mission of this type the Romanian soldiers from Focasni fulfilled in the last week.

“ In my name and in te name of the population from Sliq Ash Zhuyukh and Al Ukaikah I thank to the Romanian armed forces for their support for the local population through different humanitarian projects. This morning, I saw the Romanian soldiers distributing materials in schools and I am grateful for this and you saw how happy the pupils were. I think you moved something in their souls, you brought them smile again” said, at the end of the action Haithen Azeez, chief of district Sliq Ash Zhuyukh and Major of Al Ukaikah.

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