Director of the General Staff

Major General Ovidiu Ionel Tărpescu


Personal data:

Date of birth: May 29th, 1962
Place of birth: Paşcani, Iaşi County
Nationality: Romanian
Civilian status: married, a child



Education and proffesional development:

2013- Public Relations Course for Commanders;
2011-Ph.D. in Military Science and Intelligence for Defence, with the paper entitled “Information security in the cybernetic space”, National Defence University;
2009-2010 - 2nd and 1st Level Phycho-pedagogical Course for the Teaching Staff’s Training, National Defense University;
2008 – Security Policy Course at NATO School, Obberamergau, Germany;
2007-   Active contributor to the Land Forces’ Academy; in 2008 he finished writing „The Compendium of the Military Security”;
2006-2007 – National Defense College;
1997 - Command and further development post-graduate course for Computers and T.C.A. Equipment, Military Technical Academy;
1995 – Post-academic Course in Strategic Risk Management;
1994 – Intensive English Language Course, ”Aurel Vlaicu” Military Aviation Institute
1988 – Intensive Russian Language Course, Academy for Advanced Military Studies;
1980-1985- Military Academy, Electronics Faculty.




-January 12, 2015- Acting Director of the General Staff
-is the national representative in the NC3B, ASB/NCIA as well as in the CIS Steering Committee of EU’s Military Staff
-on October 25, 2011-he was promoted to brigadier general rank
- on  July 7th, 2010 – Chief of Communications and IT Directorate;
- 2005- 2010 – Deputy for Counterintelligence and Military Security Directorate;
- 2002-2005 – Chief of Communications and IT Section, Military Security Directorate;
- 2001-2002 – Staff Officer, Team Leader and Chief of Observers Group within the UN Peacekeeping Mission, Congo Democratic Republic;
- 1998 – 2001 – Specialist Officer within the IT Programming and Operating Systems Section, Military Security Directorate;
- 1985-1998 – IT Engineer, Chief of Computer Formation and Chief of Mobile IT Office within the 2nd Army Corps;



Distinctions and awards:

-“Virtutea Militara” Order in the rank of “Officer”, with the military mark;
-“Virtutea Militara” Order in the rank of “Knight”, with the military mark;
- United Nations Medal;
- Romanian Armed Force Emblem of Honor;
-General Staff Emblem of Honor;
- The Emblem of Honor of Defense Intelligence;
- Land Forces Emblem of Honor;
- Naval Forces Emblem of Honor;
- Air Force Emblem of Honor;
- Logistics Emblem of Honor;
- Communications and Information Technology Emblem of Honor;
- "În Serviciul Armatei" Commendation for 20 and 25 years of service;
 -"Meritul Militar" Order, IIIrd class

Foreign languages:



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