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Teodor Atanasiu: “Will continue to actively participate in establishing a stable and safety international environment”

“NATO means a lot for Romania; it is an Alliance of free will and democratic values” stated today, the minister of National Defense, Teodor Atanasiu within the reunion “NATO in the Riga Summit Perspective” dedicated to the Day of NATO in Romania. Atanasiu considers that the partnerships developed by the Alliance “are facilitating a certain interoperability of thinking, too, representing an intrinsic benefit for the factors implied in the dialogue on the security issues”.

Teodor Atanasiu approached the transformations the Romanian Armed Forces are carrying on nowadays for the alignment to the evolutions within NATO, including the endowment and the continuation of the inner reforms orientated towards the building of modern and flexible military structures.

Minister of National Defense also mentioned the fact that the emplacement of the US military bases on our territory will lead to the strengthening of the strategic profile of Romania as an active allied within NATO, as an Euro-Atlantic partner unyielding engaged in countering the symmetric or asymmetric threats towards security.

“The security environment dynamics suggests an expeditionary type strategy presupposing a large spectrum of missions and operations: collective defense, response to the crisis, support for stabilization and reconstruction, missions requiring adequate capability, increased cooperation with partners and international organizations” mentioned the minister of National Defense.

Referring to the necessity to encourage the democratic processes in the enlarged area of Black Sea and the Western Balkans - important strategic areas for our country – Atanasiu said that these regions could be stabilized by the “gravitational force” of NATO and the European Union by using the expertise of the states in the region. “Consultations on the Black Sea issue are welcomed, the security solutions should be thought before the possible defrost of conflicts in Transnistria, South Osetia, Abkazia, Nagorno-Karabakh” Atanasiu stated.

The minister of National Defense also referred to the “tangible contribution of the South-Eastern Europe in stabilizing the Afghanistan” by the SEEBRIG Multinational Brigade deployment in this country. “We will observe all the assumed engagements and will continue to actively participate in building a stable and safety international environment” Teodor Atanasiu stated.

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