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Homage paid to the Romanian Heroes in the Republic of Moldavia

Minister of National Defense Teodor Atanasiu will participate Thursday, June 1, 2006 in the ceremony of inauguration of the Romanian Graveyard of Honor in Tiganca, Republic of Moldavia.

Moldavian minister of Culture, Artur Cosma, representatives of the Romanian National Office for the Cult of the Heroes and the Romanian National Association of War Veterans will participate in this ceremony.

1020 Romanian heroes are interred in Tiganca, place at about 3 km far east from the Prut river. They died in combats during the Second World War, July 1941.

The reconstruction project of the Graveyard of Honor in Tiganca was launched by the National Office for the Cult of the Heroes in June 9, 2005. The Graveyard was reconstructed observing its initial emplacement and size as it was build 65 years ago.

The entrance in the Graveyard is made through a Romanian traditional gate sculptured by the popular artist Ilie Benta from Barsana, Maramures, Romania. He also made the monumental triptych settled to the Eat, guarding the Graveyard from its highest place, as the Orthodox altars, as sign of belief in Resurrection.

11 black granite commemorative plates are arranged at the entrance of the Graveyard. On the first plate under the escutcheon of Romania there is written: “GRAVEYARD OF HONOR OF THE ROMAIAN HEROES”. The names of 830 identified heroes with their ranks and units are alphabetically engraved on the following plates.

Two masts are watching the Christian triptych for the permanent hoist of the state flags of Romania and Moldavia.

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