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“MCM Livex 06” Romanian-Bulgarian Naval exercise

140 Romanian sailors on board of “Locotenent Lupu Dinescu” and “Locotenent Dimitrie Nicolescu” maritime mine dredgers will participate between June 6 and 9, 2006 in the “MCM Livex 06” Romanian-Bulgarian exercise. The exercise will be developed in the Black Sea international waters, in the Bulgarian territorial waters and in Varna Bay with the participation of six Bulgarian ships, too.

“MCM Livex 06” exercise aims the training of the participating forces in planning the activities, the command and control according to NATO proceedings, and the increase of interoperability between the two navies.

During the exercise, the Romanian and Bulgarian sailors will develop the activities of fuelling on the sea, transfer of light materials, dredging, towing and anti-air firings.

The maritime mine dredgers characteristics: length – 60.8 m; width – 9.5 m and draught – 3.2 m. Standard crew: 79. Main armament: drags against mechanic, magnetic or acoustic mines and antisubmarine bombs and two 30mm AK 230 installations and four 14.5 mm MR4N machine guns.

In the last period of time, the maritime mine dredgers participated in international missions, LIVEX, COOPERATIVE PARTNER or BLACKSEAFOR series.

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