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Chief of Air Staff in visit in Afghanistan

Chief of the Air Staff, Lieutenant General Gheorghe Catrina will pay a visit between June 15 and 18, 2006 in the theater of operations in Afghanistan, and will meet the Detachment of the Romanian Air Force in command of the Kabul International Airport.

Occasioned by the “Day of the Military Aviation” (June 17) on the Afghani International Airport they will inaugurate the “Monument of the Romanian Aviators”. Traditionally, each of the national contingents commanding the airport built such kind of monuments. The Romanian delegation will offer toys and sweets for the kindergartens from Kabul.

Representatives of the Air Staff will be in this mission together with the artists from ”Doina” Artistic Assembly of the Romanian Armed Forces and the bands: ”Essenza” and “Bordo” in concert for the soldiers acting in this theater of operations.

The Detachment of the Romanian Air Force received the command of the Kabul International Airport (KAIA) from the Greek Air Force in March 30, 2006. The ceremony was chaired by the commander deputy of ISAF, Major General Hans Werner Ahrens.

The Romanian soldiers deal with important jobs within the structures of the airport such as: traffic control, lead of the air operations, security of fly, logistic support and supply of communications. Daily, between 180 and 200 military and civilian airplanes operate on the Kabul airport.
Till now, the Romanian soldiers imposed themselves due to their competency in fulfilling their attributions being appreciated by the officials from ISAF leadership, by their colleagues from other NATO members participating in mission and by the Afghani local authorities.
The Romanian Detachment will stay in Afghanistan till August 1, 2006.

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