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The body of post mortem 2nd Lieutenant Gheorghita Ionel DRAGUSANU, killed on duty in Afghanistan, will be repatriated Thursday, June 22, 2006, by a C 130 Hercules of the Romanian Air Force. The landing on Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport is scheduled at 9 pm, when a military and religious ceremony will be held.

The three wounded soldiers, 2nd Lieutenant Dinu Razvan MANOILA, Sergeant Laurentiu SERBAN and Sergeant Costinel Valerica SLANICEANU were transported last night to a hospital in Germany.

Manoila and Serban, with leg injuries, are medically stabilized, and Slaniceanu with cranial poli-trauma, legs and body wounds, is still in a critical condition.

The fourth wounded soldier, NCO Iosif Adrian LUCA-MICU is in no danger and will rest under supervision of the doctors in Kandahar base.

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