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Romanian soldiers, participant in NATO “STEADFAST JAGUAR 06”, returned home

The Romanian soldiers, participants in NATO “STEADFAST JAGUAR 06” exercise developed in the Green Cap Islands territorial waters, arrive today, July 5, at about 21.30 hours at the Otopeni 90th Air Base.

The Romanian Armed Forces participated in this exercise developed between June 1 and July 12, 2006 with a team of military divers, two geo-desist officers and one staff officer.
The 12 EOD divers commanded by Lieutenant Commander Adrian Ontica acted in protection of forces in the bays and other areas established to be used during the exercise.
The Romanian military divers also participated in amphibious landing support actions, control against mines in the area of accosting, neutralization and remove of the maritime mines or the explosive charges discovered in the area of action, location and mark of the access path to the landing beaches and the guide of the amphibious assault forces during the landing.

The specialists from the Military Topographic Directorate fulfilled the analyze of the terrain for the exercise command and the staff officer from the Romanian Air Force acted within ACC (Air Component Command).

“STEADFAST JAGUAR 06” exercise was an operation performed in an area outside the NATO area of responsibility and aimed the certification of forces composing the NATO Reactive Force (NRF) for the fulfillment of the final operational capability.
About 7,000 soldiers from NATO members participated in this action, the biggest deployment of NRF forces since its creation in 2002.
NATO General Secretary Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, present Thursday, June 22, in this exercise area, appreciated the way the Romanian soldiers fulfilled their missions: “the Romanian troops participation in this exercise is a sign that Romania represents a reliable and to be trusted ally of NATO”. “ I knew that ever before the beginning of this exercise and I am glad that once again this thing is confirmed to me” added Scheffer.

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