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Romanian military accustom the allies armament

The Romanians, the US forces and the Bulgarians from the joint platoons of the tri-nations company, during the IMMEDIATE RESPONSE 06 exercise, performed the firings with all types of personal armament and equipment in Novo Selo firing field, Bulgaria.
In order “to see the combat field by the eyes of the other” the soldiers accustomed the armament of their partners and performed the live fire.
“It is not difficult for the pro who fulfilled two or three missions in the theaters of operations to use different types of armament. The main principles are very much alike” said Major Liviu Necula, referee-observer.
The Romanian soldiers trained their allies from NATO for the firing with the infantry armament existing in the Romanian Armed Forces. “The Romanian Bren guns are not bad and it is much easier to fire with them then with ours” said the US soldier James Camberg.
At their turn, the Romanians occupied the firing positions and fired with the US and the Bulgarian armament. “It is not for the first time we are firing with M 16 and probably not for the last time. Here, in the firing field or in the tactic field we set the basis of our interoperability. The military trained in common, observing the same standards are much more effective in real situations. We are training for this” said Lieutenant Constantin Paraschivu, Platoon Commander.

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