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HUMINT Battalion – 5 years of existence

HUMINT Battalion from Buzau, the first Battalion of this type of the Romanian Armed Forces celebrated today, July 31, five years since the establishment.

This occasion, the President of Romania, Traian Basescu, handed the Unit Combat Colors to Colonel Lucian Foca, the Battalion commander, in the presence of the Chief of General Staff, General Ph.D. Eugen Badalan. The Unit Colors was awarded by the Presidential Decree no. 1012 / July 25, 2006.

Now, more than 200 military from this Battalion are in missions in the theaters of operations. Thus, in Afghanistan and Iraq, the HUMINT military are part of the special detachments and intelligence leading cells and in the Balkans are part of the special detachments in Kosovo and Bosnia. The results of these military determined the allies and the partners of Romania to ask for their participation within the commands of NATO Force of Response and in the EU operations in Bosnia.

The Battalion fulfills different types of missions, such as data and information gathered from human sources for the identification of the risks and threats towards the security of the troops deployed in the theaters of operations, the protection of the military structures deployed in the theaters by supplying the commanders with useful information, the participation with independent structures in their own forces’ military actions.

During their missions, three military – post mortem Second Lieutenants Iosif Silviu Fogorasi, Mihail Anton Samuila and Narcis Sonei died on duty.

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