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Romanian sailors - visited by the Turkish Fleet Commander

The Commander of the Turkish Fleet, Admiral Metin Atac is in official visit in Romania between August 9 and 11, invited by the Rear Admiral Gheorghe Marin, chief of the Navy Staff.

Rear Admiral Marin will present the stage of the process of reform of the Romanian Navy, the contribution in the increase of cooperation, trust and stability in the Black Sea region and the missions fulfilled in the territorial waters, especially for the survey of the maritime traffic of goods and persons.

The chief of the Navy Staff will also approach the role of the Navy in leading the sea search and rescue operations and the measures taken for the increase of interoperability with other NATO navies.

During the official meeting the two personalities will focus on the Romanian and Turkish Navies participation to the multinational exercises and “Active Endeavour” NATO operation.

Aspects on the receive military ceremony and the official meeting:

Navy Staff


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