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The Campia Turzii military airdrome equipped according to NATO standards

A new system of radio navigation and conduct of flight will be inaugurated Wednesday, September 27, at 13.00 hours at Campia Turzii Air Base in the presence of the chief of the Army Air Staff, Lieutenant General Gheorghe Catrina. This occasion, they will inspect and receive the works performed in this Base between 2005-06 within the “Ghidul” program run by the Romanian Air Force for the equipping of the military airdromes with modern equipment compatible with all the existing systems in NATO military aviation and the civil aviation according to NATO standards and the ICAO norms.

“Ghidul” means the works of modernization of the military airdromes and their equipping with the systems ensuring the development of activities specific to radio navigation and conduct of flight according to NATO standards and proceedings. The program started in 1999 for Campia Turzii, Fetesti ( the works were finished in 2000) and Boboc (the works should be ended in 2007).

At Campia Turzii Air Base they modernized the point of control of flight, the airplanes hangars, they improved the optic fiber, the water and power supply systems, the heating system, the water cleaning station. As the air traffic control endowment, the Base was equipped with a radar for the control of the airdrome area and the bring of the airplanes to take-off, the sitem of take-off, a beaconing system, phone specific system and ground-air radio station.

The modernization of Campia Turzii Air Base is worth of E 15 millions and will ensure for all the combat airplanes, day or night, the operation in special meteo conditions.

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