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A military delegation headed by General Dr. Mihail Popescu chief of Romanian General Staff pays an official visit in Italy between July 28 and 31, 03 invited by General Rolando Mosca Moschini chief of General Staff of Italian Defense.
The official discussions between the two delegations will be focused on the stage of military cooperation between the two countries' Armed Forces and the increase of the dialogue at leadership level for the development of the bilateral military relations. This occasion the two chiefs of General Staffs will sign a technical agreement on logistic support granted by Italy to the Romanian contingent participating within the Italian Brigade "Garibaldi" to the stabilization and reconstruction in Iraq.
The discussions also will approach the process of restructure and modernization of the Armed Forces of the two countries. There will be an each other information on the political military situation in Central and South Eastern Europe and the efforts paid by the two countries for solving the conflict situation in this region, the ex Yugoslavian especially.
In this context, General Dr. Mihail Popescu will present to his Italian counterpart certain aspects on the Romanian participation to the regional cooperation initiatives and international missions.

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