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Chief of General Staff, in Brussels

A military delegation headed by the Chief of General Staff, Admiral Dr. Gheorghe Marin participate between November 14 and 15, in the works of NATO Military Committee, in Brussels.

Admiral Marin will also participate in the sessions dedicated to the Euro-Atlantic Partnership, NATO-Russia Council in the format of the Chiefs of Defense, the Reunion of NATO Military Committee in the session of the Chiefs of Defense with Ukraine and that of the military representatives of the Mediterranean Dialogue member states.

The Military Committee is NATO’s highest military forum for the assistance and counsel of the military and political leaderships of the Alliance: the North Atlantic Council, the Committee for Planning of Defense and the Committee for Nuclear Planning. The Military Committee establishes the guiding lines for the strategic commanders ( the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, Europe and the Commander of the Command for Transformation), their representatives taking part in the works of the. Committee

NATO’s Military Committee is made of the Chiefs of the General Staffs or Defense from the NATO member states participating with forces in the allied integrated structures. France, although is not participating with forces in the military structure and is not implied in the nuclear or defense planning processes has an important role within the Military Committee. Island has no armed forces and is represented by a civilian official.

For the Military Committee’s good operation the Chiefs of General Staffs or Defense are represented by their military representatives in the Military Committee reunions, in the permanent sessions. Lieutenant General Cornel Paraniac is representing Romania.

The Military Committee has three annual sessions for the Chiefs of Defense and an every week session at the military representatives level.

The President of NATO’s Military Committee is elected from the Chiefs of Defense of the allied states for a three years mandate. He is the spokesperson of the Military Committee that is officially representing in all the Alliance high level meetings, such as the North Atlantic Council, the Committee for Planning of Defense or the Committee for Nuclear Planning. Now, this position is held by the Canadian General Raymond Henault.

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