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Chief of Hellenic Army Staff, in visit in Romania

A delegation headed by Lieutenant General Dimitrios Grapsas, chief of the Hellenic Army Staff will be in official visit in Romania between November 13 and 15, invited by the chief of the Army Staff, Major General Teodor Frunzeti.

The two officials approached the bilateral relations and the cooperation between the Hellenic Army and the Romanian Army within NATO and UE. They also identified new areas of cooperation between the Greek Army and the Romanian Army.

Major General Frunzeti underlined the importance of continuation and acceleration of opeartionalization of the Romanian forces and the fact that “ we must focus not only on the bilateral Romania-Hellenic practical activities but also to those within the multinational frame, under NATO or EU aegis”.

The Hellenic delegation also had meeting with State Secretary Ioan Ion and the director of the General Staff, Major General Mihail Orzeata and visited a military unit of the 2nd Mountain Troops “Sarmisegetuza”.

Lieutenant General Dimitrios Grapsas was born in 1948 in Ypati (Fthiotis), Greece. In 1971 he graduated the Military Academy (Evelpidon). He was appointed in command and staff positions in the Armored Vehicles and Infantry units up to the Division and Army Corps level.

General Grapsas was appointed the chief of the Hellenic Army Staff in February 28, 2006. Before that he was the commander of the Superior Military Command of Interior and Islands (ASDEN).

General Grapsas graduated all the military courses and also the Hellenic College of War for the Army and the Hellenic National College of Defense.

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